Fathomless Fortunes

Status: ongoing

Warnings: Adult content, violence

Genre: Fantasy / Romance

Summary: Commander Nicolas Gordon of the imperial navy of Albia, embarks on a dangerous mission – either persuading the dreaded pirates of the Fortune Atoll to become privateers for his empress, or getting their secret charts to defeat them once and for all. He joins the crew of the infamous pirate Captain Alastair Blake, who is trying to defend freedom at all costs. There are legends about the untold riches and powers of the unknown continent which can only be found when seven artifacts hidden all over the world are united. A dangerous treasure hunt begins for Nicolas and Alastair, as well as a very personal game of deceit, trust, and attraction. Neither of them know that an all too familiar enemy is waiting for his chance and that the secrets at the end of their known world are just the beginning…

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