The End of all Stories

On the desert island of Badal’Shari, the young scholar Vael leaves the golden spires of his safe and civilized home town to travel to the territory of the northern tribes in search of some truths beyond those written in old books. But Vael gets much more than he has bargained for when he meets Kayan, a chieftain’s son, and is bound to him by a mating ritual performed by a mysterious guardian priestess. According to her prophecy, it is their destiny to save Badal’Shari from a terrible cataclysm.
Reluctant partners and even less inclined to believe in fate, the curious scholar and the fierce prince embark on a dangerous journey. Neither of them expects to discover true feelings for each other along the way – nor an adventure more fantastic than any tale out of legends…

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CREDITS: Cover by Natasha Snow

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