The year 2667: Chase Holloway, Inquisitor of the Church of Light, is sent to a private space station to prevent the murder of a rich businessman and catch the culprit in the process. A wide range of suspects is present – rivals, employees, family members, ex wives. But despite his investigations, Chase is unable to stop the murder from taking place. An even worse event is yet to happen when the victim’s death triggers a subroutine within the station. If Chase can’t identify the murderer and present the evidence to an artificial intelligence within one week, the station will fly straight into the sun – burning everyone aboard to a crisp.
There is unexpected help, however: Tyler Derringford, one of the suspects, provides useful technical and investigative skills. While the two men race against time, Chase can’t help becoming more and more attracted to Tyler. But the mysterious young man harbors much darker secrets than anyone else aboard the station, making him the likeliest candidate for the murder.
The truth, however, is far more complicated and personal than that – and it will shake Chase and his seemingly firm beliefs to the very core…

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CREDITS: Cover picture by Candy Kay