The Song of Souls

On the island of Badal’Shari, young bard Shanar sells himself into slavery for a decade to secure his poor family’s well-being. His dreams of becoming a royal bard are ironically granted as he gets bought for the palace. There, he ends up in service to the sovereign’s heir, Prince Arevan, and starts to care deeply for the lonely and headstrong child.

Over time, Shanar discovers a dark conspiracy threatening Arevan’s ascension to the throne – and even his life. As Arevan grows up and develops deeper feeling for Shanar, both their lives are changed forever by a sudden coming into power of the conspirators. Arevan and Shanar are forced to make some drastic decisions to save Arevan’s legacy, even venturing out into the territories of an unknown enemy.

But all those outward dangers are nothing compared to the secret of Shanar’s true heritage and the mysterious force of his songs that is powerful enough to command another’s soul.
Will the deepening bond between the two young men be strong enough to overcome these trials?

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CREDITS: Cover by Natasha Snow

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